Are your specific internet and connectivity needs being met by your current service provider? At Valnet, there is an internet service plan targeted to fit your home, business, and entertainment needs.

Stream More. Buffer Less.

Get reliable, high-speed internet service with less buffering that interrupts your working, surfing, and streaming experience.

Local Customer Support

Our customer care team is here to support you from installation to troubleshooting. You are simply never on your own.

No Hidden Fees. No Contracts

We offer what-you-see-is-what-you-get-pricing. We are committed to serving our customers with excellence and transparency.


No gimmicks. No hidden fees. No unwelcome surprises. Period.
We have six transparently priced internet service plans to choose from that let you select the straightforward pricing option you want to get the outstanding service you need and deserve. Every month, you will receive the exact same reliable service and the exact same bill.

Which GPLUS plan fits your bandwidth needs and your budget?



Optimized For

Light Streaming
Checking Email

Combined speeds up to 10 mbps

$99 set up fee



Optimized For

Multi-Device Streaming
High-Speed Downloads

Combined speeds up to 15 mbps

$99 set up fee



Optimized For

Rapid Downloading
Multi-device streaming

Combined speeds up to 20 mbps

$99 set up fee



Optimized For

Heavy Daily Use
Multiplayer Gaming

Combined speeds up to 25 mbps

$99 set up fee



Optimized For

Home-Based Business
Secure WiFi

Combined speeds up to 30 mbps

$99 set up fee



Optimized For

Ultimate Connectivity
Farm & Open Area Use

Combined speeds up to 75 mbps

Custom Install Fee Applies
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Getting Connected Is Easy

Getting Connected Is As Easy As 1-2-3!
1. Choose the internet plan that fits your needs
2. Complete our short, online connectivity form
3. Our customer care representatives do the rest

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