Valnet's Story


At Valnet we use our agile technology, sales, management and field people to empower our customers-and link them to vital digital services, essential information systems, rich entertainment and gaming outlets and powerful productivity tools.

We can help you re-craft your online experience with faster, easier and more secure tools and systems- and we can do so in small town, rural and big city settings; we’ve done so for almost a quarter century. We bring the latest innovations to your home or business. Our goal is to provide you with bandwidth, software, hardware, and other assets now critical to your everyday family and business experiences.

We also believe in empowering the communities we serve, which we show through our participation in business development, social service, and youth projects and a passel of other activities. And through the Federal E-rate program, we help schools and libraries lower the cost of giving students first-rate exposure to the digital world

Founded as Terra World in Independence, Kansas by a local engineer and backed by local investors, the company was the first in the region to offer basic dialup Internet access to rural customers.

The company became the first to offer DSL service from Southwestern Bell (SBC) even before it was available directly from SBC

The company changed its name to Valnet and was the largest independent Internet Service Provider (ISP) in southeast Kansas.

Valnet continues to expand its products and service area with its goal of providing multiple, compatible services and a contiguous service region from St. Louis to Tulsa. This growth also means new jobs to support a growing customer base.