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We have 6 plans to choose from, select the one that fits you.

Stream more buffer less with our newest product. Prices start at just $59.95/month. G3 and G4 plans no longer available for new customers. AIA Broadband and 56K Dialup are no longer sold.



This is best for

Light Streaming
Checking Email
Combined speeds up to 10 mbps

$99 set up fee



This is best for

Multi-Device Streaming
Downloading Shows
Combined speeds up to 15 mbps

$99 set up fee



This is best for

Download shows quicker
Multi-device HD streaming
Combined speeds up to 20 mbps

$99 set up fee



This is best for

Heavy usage activities
Great for multiplayer gaming
Combined speeds up to 25 mbps

$99 set up fee



This is best for

Work from home with confidence
Ultimate WiFi experience
Combined speeds up to 30 mbps

$99 set up fee



This is best for

Perfect for today's ultra-connected
Great for farm usage
Combined speeds up to 75 mbps

Custom Install Fee Applies
Retired product speeds

G4 & G3 Speeds

G3 basic: 1.5Mbps down/768Kbps up - G3 Enhanced: 3Mbps down/1Mbps up - G3 Advanced: 6Mbps down/1.5Mbps up - G4 Starter: 5Mbps down/1Mbps up - G4 Basic: 10Mbps down/2Mbps up - G4 Enhanced: 15Mbps down/3Mbps up - G4 Advanced: 25Mbps down/4Mbps up

COVID-19 Spread Prevention

With the spread of the COVID-19 virus getting higher every day, We are taking a few precautions to help prevent the spreading, from now until at least the end of March. We will keep you posted on any updates that happen.

  • Valnet will not be scheduling dispatches to customer locations.
  • Our offices have been closed and our employees will be working remotely to keep distances. 

To help with the prevention you can sign up for Autopay or make a payment online on your customer portal here.

If you need some assistance you can continue to call our support team at 888.332.1616 or create a ticket here.